Solo Travel for Women – 7 Important Tips

In recent time times, there has been a huge increase in solo travel for women, some for business and others just for fun. Traveling alone is a great way to see the world alone with your thoughts, and live life on your own terms. It’s empowering when women travel, it presents a great opportunity for self-discovery and a freedom of choices against the backdrop of a beautiful country.

There are some traveling tips that are great for any traveler regardless of the gender. Women traveling alone face a certain amount of dangers that do not affect men traveling alone to the same degree. Websites like Oyster, Hostelz and Trip Advisor often have reviews of the environment, the service and all you need to know about the hotel and its neighborhood so you can see which one is safe. At least someone back home should know where you’ll be and when in case something goes wrong and they need to get in touch with you.

There are some great social media networks that connect female travelers all around the world, you can make plans to meet up and socialize or even ask them about the things to do and the customs of the area. Getting through the airport can either be smooth or a relatively agonizing experience.

Sometimes the stress and time taken to get through airport security can make your trip hectic but it doesn’t always have to be that way. It’s really easy to be the travel girl at the checkpoint with a suitcase filled with liquids, an ID buried in a deep unknown pocket and a huge queue behind. Don’t be that person, save others and yourself a lifetime of delay at the airport.

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Check in online

You can easily check in online within a time frame of 24 hours before flight departure; checking in as easily as possible secures the best seat positions. You don’t have to be perturbed about printing out your boarding pass if a printer is not available—a barcode will suffice on your smartphone or you can pick up your boarding pass at the airport.

Finding the right transportation

Are there taxis or Ubers? Is there a train or a bus service or maybe you can simply take a hike around the city touring most of it centers? When women travel, researching the transport options available for your destination will save you lots of stress when you get there. It is quite mandatory to book a rental car or pre-purchase transportation passes online if its available for the destination of travel. For example, a city like Sydney makes its compulsory to have an Opal card before getting on public transportation.

Get a trendy and secure laptop bag

Fumbling around with your personal computer at the airport checkpoint will do you no good, get a security approved laptop bag. The transportation security administration has approved a recommended checkpoint friendly bag for business travelers that make it possible to leave your laptop in your bag through security checks. Although options are still limited and specific rules apply, the checkpoint friendly laptop bag is here to stay.

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Check the flight status

This tip sounds so obvious it’s not meant to even be included, but throughout my years of experience with traveling, most people fail to do this easy but mandatory thing. It’s quite possible to get burned—imagine being in a rush to leave before dawn to catch your flight, getting a ride to the airport with all your stuff, waving goodbye, standing in line at the terminal only to realize the flight has been canceled. It’s necessary to check the flight status often and early, also download apps that send notifications when logged in.

Don’t keep all your money in one place

Keep some cash and a card on you travel girl, keep some in a bag and put the rest in your hotel room. Also traveling light is a great safety tip, nothing says rob me quite as someone wheeling four big bags by the side of the street. You also need to have a small bag in case you have to move quickly.

Take pictures of all your documents and put them in a cloud-based storage site like Dropbox. Putting all your pictures in a cloud-based storage website will enable you to access it from any computer. Upload your passports, ticket numbers, IDs, reservations etc. That way if you lose them and your phone or computer, all you have to do is log in from another PC and gain access.

It’s also great to consider travel insurance, places that provide insurance to families, individuals, couples or families to cover all manners of unexpected costs. For a reasonable fee, you can cover dental and medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost baggage, delays, rental car damage and more. Who would have thought you could pop your eardrum while scuba diving in Italy or a friend breaking his leg while hiking? All of these instances are examples of what can be fully covered by travel insurance.

Know your way around

You know how confusing it is to navigate your local airport right? Well its twice the trouble at an unfamiliar airport. Before arriving at your destination airport, check the airport maps, the hotel shuffle info, rental car counter details and all. The flight status update may include the likely arrival gate, checking the map of the destination airport can help through the baggage claim. If someone is picking you up at the airport, you can pre-arrange a rendezvous spot so he or she can find you without stress.

Finally, relax and enjoy your trip, go on your trip and have a great time, have fun! Head to the airport, but don’t forget your ID and passport, board the plane and enjoy the fruits of your labor—you deserve a serene relaxation.




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